Using Google Local Service Ads to Become a Neighborhood Superpower

Using Google Local Service Ads to Become a Neighborhood Superpower

Despite its ability to advertise your services across global networks, Google also doubles as a local solution for businesses looking to sell their expertise. Along with a local SEO agency, you can reach out to homeowners in need of an instant sink repair, paint job, or gardening products through Google’s Local Service Ads. Here’s how.

Forget Clicks—Pay Only Per Lead

When a click doesn’t end up converting, PPC advertisers know the pain of having to wait for one that does. If you’re using an expensive CPC, you may even be paying up to 5 times more than what you’d be charged using Google Ads.

With Local Service Ads, you can avoid job mismatches that occur when users plug-in broad search terms for a more specific job or area outside of your service zone. Using a local service will charge you only for valid leads that depend on the job you post on your market. If a lead is fraudulent, spam, or a poor match, you can choose to dispute the charges.

Build Trust with Google Guarantee

Anything authenticated under Local Service Ads will be listed with a green tick alongside a Google Guarantee. A Google endorsement is an underrated business benefit that catches a user’s attention across a busy SERP and encourages them to trust in your services.

Google Guarantee also protects customers with a lifetime cap coverage of up to $2,000 and makes for an excellent inbound marketing strategy.

Think Positive—Market Your Sterling Reviews and Ratings

On a Local Service Ad, you can highlight rave ratings and reviews that assure local searchers you’re a business they can trust. This feature also ensures that your reviews appear on SERPs as much as possible.

Reach Out to a Bigger Audience With Paid Search Ads

Working with a Google advertising agency is most fruitful when you find your listing sits above paid search ads and organic listings. Though not meant to replace your traditional search ads, they help secure a prime position on local SERP and encourage users to convert by publishing the best user reviews.

Shout Out—Be Included in Voice Searches

If you haven’t yet hopped onto the voice search bandwagon, now is as good a time as any. Nowadays, 27% of the online global population is turning to voice searches to avoid having to thumb for online solutions when neck-deep in other tasks. With Local Service Ads, you can market your services across the 400 million devices powered by Google Assistant.

Say Goodbye to Keyword and Ad Management

Keyword research and ad testing can cascade into a list of never-ending tasks if they aren’t done right. The good news is, Local Service Ads require neither. When a customer searches any relevant terms, Local Service Ads will automatically trigger according to the information listed on your business profile.


If you haven’t already noticed, Google is at the forefront of pretty much everything that has to do with marketing and SEO. If you’re underestimating its capabilities, don’t—you may be missing out on some profit-worthy opportunities.

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