Outbound Marketing: 4 Reasons It’s Still Important Today

Outbound Marketing: 4 Reasons It’s Still Important Today

As an online business marketer, you should be familiar with inbound marketing and its importance for any company. Over the years, it has become the top marketing technique implemented by driven entrepreneurs.  With inbound marketing, the brand attracts its customers and prospects through content creation. This is where the customers find your business through the use of search engine optimization, social media marketing, and branding. Using the inbound marketing technique is said to be efficient and effective, plus it is also cost-friendly. This is one of the reasons most marketers are inclined towards this process.  Before the popularity of this type of marketing, however, there was outbound marketing. In this technique, the company takes charge of sending out the message or initiating conversations with potential customers. While this method is often put aside, it still has the reach and other forms of advantages that inbound marketing can’t give. In this article, we will share four of the many reasons outbound marketing is still beneficial and relevant today:

1. It gets targeted and effective reach via email marketing

Inbound marketing is a friendly and subtle way to reach your target audience, while outbound marketing, is a more aggressive approach. In email marketing, you can be more forward to offering your business promos and incentives to your customers’ email addresses.  According to a study by Fractl and Moz, the top result for the most effective marketing strategy to attract the respondent’s attention is receiving discounts, coupons, or free trials via email. It acquired 53.5 percent of the total score. From this study, sending updates and promotions via email is still an effective way to capture a specific audience.  You can also maximize this by ensuring that your company database includes only those who express their interest in your product or service. When a good communication strategy is implemented through this platform, it can help your business effectively generate more sales.

2. It is a credible platform that comes in TV, radio, and newspaper

There is rapid growth when it comes to mobile technology and the Internet, but it is not enough yet to negate the power of the tri-media—TV, radio, and the newspaper. As people browse the net or the inbound marketing platforms for information, they still seek out the big trios when they need credible and established sources.  Moreover, since people see the tri-media as slowly becoming ‘outdated,’ their prices become a little less expensive than they used to be, which is a factor that businesses should consider. 

3. It provides a more personal and meaningful relationship through event marketing

Hosting a seminar, workshop, event, product demo, trade shows, and other on-ground activation for your brand is still an effective way to meet and interact with your actual and potential customers. In this method, people get to see and understand first-hand how your brand, product, and service work. It is also an intimate and engaging experience that allows your business to leave an impact on your audience. If your event is successful, it will give a long-lasting impression to your attendees than other forms of marketing. 

4. It is a trustworthy lead generation option via telemarketing

When it comes to B2B marketing, more studies suggest that outbound marketing is still the best way to create business relationships. The fact that there is actual interaction, in telemarketing, for example, increases the credibility and trust of the companies. While generating rates is challenging, proper lead nurturing can create good results as well.


Inbound and outbound marketing are effective techniques when only used for the right purpose with the right marketing strategy. They each have their strengths and potential. Finding a way where both can be integrated into your marketing strategy would give your business more success. However, completely abandoning outbound marketing is something you should think about. As stated above, outbound marketing is the more targeted marketing giving faster and more positive results.  If your local business is looking for a digital marketing company in Alberta to help you with your outbound and indoor marketing strategies, we’re here to help!

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