4 Ways a Logo Will Help Your Small Business Grow – What to Know

4 Ways a Logo Will Help Your Small Business Grow – What to Know

The importance of a solid logo to any business, whether big or small, cannot be overstated. Every Fortune 500 company started out as a small business, which is why there’s no reason to think you wouldn’t either. Just because you’re still a startup doesn’t mean you shouldn’t think of what the future holds and what you should be aiming for. If you think about what the companies in the Fortune 500 list have in common, you will notice that they all have memorable and professional logos, meaning that you should do the same. 

In this article, will share four ways having a logo will help your small business grow: 

1. It makes your customers remember you

Logos are a powerful way of establishing your identity. Many companies have been so established in popular culture that the mere mention of their name invites the image of the logo in your mind immediately.

The mere mention of McDonald’s conjures an image of golden arches against a red field. If executed well, your small business will be just as identifiable as well. Your logo creates an identifiable image that will instantly connect to your business in the long run. Your name is a good way to do that, but a logo will make it even easier for potential customers to remember you.

2. It helps establish your credibility and trust

Provided that the logo is executed well, it will help your customers trust you before your transaction even begins. Having a professionally made logo communicates that your business has strong foundations and will continue to operate for the long term, even if you are fairly new. Because you invested time and resources in creating a brand, you are less likely to close down and leave your customers hanging.

3. It creates an emotional connection

A logo is not just some random mark, which is why it should be informed by your company’s values and long term plans. Sometimes, a brand becomes so well established that your logo can take a meaning of its own. For example, the athletic wear company Nike is best identified with the “Swoosh” logo, which designer Carolyn Davidson said was meant to convey movement. At the time of designing, the company didn’t even have a name. The popular story is that the Swoosh was meant to represent the wings of the Greek goddess of victory, and Nike only came about later as the company began to gain more traction.

Regardless of the intention, it is clear that logos are capable of evoking emotions, and, in time, will represent something dear to your customers.

4. It creates consistency

Having a logo allows you to use a mark that is fairly more consistent than just using a name. Names can be interchanged, forgotten, or even misspelled. After all, without a logo, what will you use to identify your company in your marketing materials such as brochures, calling cards, flyers and even your social media pages? This is why it is important for your small business so that you can have consistent marketing materials.


In today’s media-saturated world, you will need everything you can to stand out and claim your space in the industry. A logo helps you do that much easier by creating an identifiable mark representing your business. Before using your logo, make sure that you are satisfied with how it communicates your brand’s vision and long term goals. Once a logo is in place, you should refrain from making changes to it so that you can encourage brand recognition.

To ensure that your logo stands the test of time, it is best to work with professionals.  A logo design agency will not only have the skills to create a solid logo, but they will also be able to give you advice on the effective use of your logo in marketing your business.

Other than designing robust logos, we are a top-rated digital marketing agency that is focused on helping small businesses in Canada and the US grow! Get in touch with us today at AGUA Agency see how we can best serve your needs!


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