3 Website Trends to Keep in Mind When Developing Your Site

3 Website Trends to Keep in Mind When Developing Your Site

Technology plays a massive role in multiple aspects of a business, from producing the products for sale to marketing those products online. While companies continue to provide products and services to their audience to satisfy their wants and needs, they need a way to advertise their offerings to attract more customers to work with them. This is where a great website comes into play.

With a great website, not only will a company be able to more effectively sell its product, but it’ll also be able to create content relevant to its users. With that kind of advantage, businesses can increase their sales and bring about more growth.

That said, if you are looking to develop a website, here are a few trends to keep in mind to ensure the site you come up with is up to date:

1. Voice Search

With more and more users using voice queries, the need for voice-search oriented content is becoming increasingly important, making it one of the most important trends to keep in mind. As such, your website needs to be optimized for voice searches.

Since digital voice assistants are fast becoming the norm, this has motivated the customer base to use voice-powered searches more often, and only those companies that have content made for such searches are going to enjoy the luxury of being picked. Additionally, voice searches eliminate the need to click or type anything, meaning that anyone young or old can find precisely what they need simply by speaking.

2. Responsive and Mobile-Friendly Websites

While it has been this case for quite some time, the number of users using their mobile devices to search online are steadily increasing. Over half of all online visits are done on a smartphone or similar devices.

For that reason, your website needs to be responsive. This means that your website's UI, content, and other aspects must automatically adjust to the aspect ratio of whatever screen it is displayed on. This eliminates any chances of users having to deal with a desktop-only optimized website that does not fit on a small screen. Thus, with a website that’s easy to navigate and full of content that’s easy to read, potential customers will be able to enjoy a much more user-friendly experience. This will make them more likely to make purchases on your site.

3. Moving Interfaces

Is there anything more effective at capturing attention besides a sharp design with bright color? That’d probably be moving interfaces. Many companies have started to implement interfaces with some motion, whether that be a simple swipe or fade motion that pops up onscreen.

While this doesn’t affect how a user navigates a website much, it does make the experience much more fluid—and even fun! The added motion helps your website become more interesting, allowing users to spend more time on your site and, ultimately, increasing your chances of making another sale.


While there are many website trends for this year, we have shared some of the most important to keep in mind. Whether you’re building a brand new website or already having one up and running, implementing the trends we’ve shared with you are sure to boost your company’s growth. With our tips, your users will be able to enjoy a website that is up to date and equipped with the latest features and trends, improving their user experience and, as a result, improving your sales.

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