3 Common Marketing Strategy Woes and How to Fix Them – Our Guide

3 Common Marketing Strategy Woes and How to Fix Them – Our Guide

Many small businesses struggle to keep a good marketing strategy in place. Conceptualizing a solid marketing plan can be quite tedious and daunting. Even so, if you focus on the right points in creating a great marketing strategy and work your way from there, you will notice that it is not too hard after all.

It is good to be aware of marketing errors a lot of companies make so that you can dodge that and move forward with your marketing plan easily. Below are a few common mistakes that these small businesses make and how to fix them:

There is a secret you are ignoring

Having your company’s website on the first page of Google does not mean your company has made it to the top. It could just mean that a potential client is considering you because of familiarity, or they have already decided to look for another company to help them with their needs. Instead, what you should actually keep an eye on is your SEO ranking. It is important to focus on your ranking in solution-based keywords for you to reach organic and new customers who are yet to discover you and familiarize themselves with your services.

An SEO agency can help you figure out what keyword you need to work on based on your company’s profile. This way, you can make content that will drive more visitors to your website and increase your SEO ranking, making your website more credible and searchable.

You keep on changing directions

You need to consider how your potential customers think. Customers usually search for specific keywords and simple solutions to their problems because they need help and answers as soon as possible.

For example, when a customer needs branding assistance for their company logo, they will usually search for “logo design agency.” Some of these people are not interested in any fancy jargon or complicated sentence structures but are more focused on finding the answers they need. Simple and more straightforward strategies to describe your company and what you could offer will help them save time and give them a better customer experience.

Another important thing to remember is to have a clear strategy. You can join countless seminars, workshops, or classes and even read hundreds of articles about how to improve your search results with SEO rankings. However, if your strategy is not clear and cannot be put into action, there would not be any use. It is important to strategize and make sure you are checking everything on the list to garner better results.

Don’t ignore the data that is being presented to you. Investing money and time with a digital marketing agency will help you understand what numbers you need to hit and marketing strategies you need to do to understand the number and optimization game.

Your website is not customer-friendly

A lot of small businesses overlook the importance of great website design. It’s important to work with an expert website design agency because this is a crucial part of your customers’ experience.

Having your customer land on a pretty messy homepage can immediately throw them off and look for another company. One thing you should consider is having customers land on specific pages on your website so that they could find the particular service they are looking for. This way, you are helping your customer save time and avoid confusion that a homepage can often give.

Most people are on their mobile devices more than their personal computers. It is important that your website is optimized for mobile use. Your customers who are on the go won’t be stuck in a labyrinth when they visit your website through their phone.

It is important to take note that you have around three seconds to grab your customer’s attention before they bounce off your page. Make sure your website design is clean, straight to the point, and optimized for mobile. That will give your customer an excellent experience, so they will most likely return to your website and buy your services.


Starting a small business is the easy part of the journey. The challenge here is keeping it afloat and helping it progress to something bigger and better.

Investing in a solid and reputable digital marketing agency like AGUA Agency will help your business move forward. We are a white label digital marketing agency serving clients all over Canada and the US. Get in touch with us, and let’s strategize solutions together!


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